14 February, 2015

1968 Saab Sonett II V4 - Fast Freddy

It's about time I posted about my recent acquisition, Fast Freddy.  A 1968 Saab Sonett II V4, that's been in the family since around 1990 or so, previously owned by Fred Champion.  Fast Freddy was our autocross car during most of my High School and College days, and was in fact my High School senior project.  Stepbrother Mark purchased it from Jack about 10-12 years ago, and apparently drove it maybe 500 miles in that time period.

The past month I've spent most of my time getting Freddy back in condition for road use.  The stock gas tank was horribly rusted, so I just got done installing the 5-gal aluminum tank we used for racing, along with new filters and hose throughout.  Freddy can actually make a long pull in 3rd and 4th gear, without running dry of fuel!

Other than that, I've done lots of other projects, like converting it over to a coilover sleeve suspension setup, making a new exhaust, and installing a new interior upholstery kit.  He's coming along nicely, and is of course very fun to drive.  He's still a little loud, so I'm going to revise my exhaust design with a pair of "turbo" style chambered mufflers I found.  They only measure 3-1/4" thick, which is actually thinner than the glasspack muffler under the car now.

After that project, I'll probably turn my attention to the engine bay, and start doing some clean-up work.  Freddy was always a race car, so he's just sorta grungy right now.

Pics as of now, sitting on his new Rota RB wheels:

front suspension setup, new coilover sleeves buillt

Grungy fuel filter, after only 20 miles of use

5gal AL tank installed, new smaller battery, new smaller spare tire

rear coilover kit I built

rear installed

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sean said...

Gorgeous! You gonna take him back to track days or autocrosses (or neither or both)?