27 December, 2013

Rebuilt carb and heat shield fabrication

I assembled the rebuilt carb on Christmas afternoon.  After an overnight dip in the carb goop, I ran everything through the little ultrasonic cleaner.  Then I gave the body of the carb a simple burnishing with a small brass brush on my little rotary tool.  I wanted it to have a dull grey appearance, and it does just that.

Yesterday evening I fabricated a simple heat shield for the exhaust, using a scrap piece of aluminum.  Hand cut, hand hammered, and hand finished with some 000 steel wool and Gojo brand hand cleaner as the abrasive.  It gives it a nice slightly dull, yet smooth finish.  I also like the slightly lumpy look from the hammer marks.  No sharp edges either, as I managed to roll the edges for a clean, smooth look. 

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