30 December, 2013

Headlight brackets

I fabbed up some headlight brackets for the project bike.  I needed something to mount the CB160 headlight assembly, to the S90 forks. I decided to build up a jig, to allow me to bend some aluminum into a clamp shape, with ears to bolt up to the headlight housing.

The jig is a piece of tubing with a piece of flat stock welded to it:

I used a piece of 1.5" wide aluminum stock, bent 90-degrees on the end to mount into the clamp built into the jig:

I used the sheet metal brake that Mr. A. made me a couple months ago.  It worked perfectly to make the 90-degree bend.

Pair of clamps mounted up, and bolted to the headlight assembly.  It clamps very nicely around the fork tubes, and can easily be adjusted up or down.  

Next project will be a taillight housing assembly, that will mount to the back of the wooden seat/cowl.

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