13 May, 2013

C100 Carb Rebuild

Tonight it was time to rebuild the carb for Goldie.  I'm using a standard C100 carb, which is a 13mm Keihin.  I have a small box of old crusty carbs, so I grabbed one and started.  First step was to take it apart and then clean all the gubbins in the carb dip.   

This is a downdraft carb, with the throttle barrel sitting 90-degrees to the air flow: 

It also has a built in petcock on top of the float bowl side:

Choke plate lever in on the right, operating a simple flate plate inside the intake throat:

The two main parts of the carb pulled apart.  Air flow on the left, float bowl on the right: 

The float side pulled apart, witht he little brass float:

Petcock pulled apart:

All the different little adjustment screws and the throttle valve with needle:

All finished.  Thanks to the rebuild kit I got in from Thailand, I was able to replace all the gaskets and o-rings, along with a new main jet and new idle and a/f screws:


Mike said...

Great post. Are you sure the carb is a 13mm Keihin? I have seen other places identify it as 16mm. I am working on an old C100 right now, and the carb seems pretty shot, won't stop leaking gas. I would like to get a replacement, but most of the stuff online appears to be bigger bore and meant for the (relatively) newer C70s.

scott hendrix said...

Nice review of the rebuild.
Just wanted to ask you if you had any spare parts for carbs like you posted..I am in need of a float chamber.?