20 January, 2013

Kawasaki Exhaust Baffle/Silencer

In an effort to reduce the noise coming out the back of the Kawasaki, I wanted to fit a muffler.  Before I just throw $50-100 down for a commercial muffler, I wanted to try something simple.  I extended the tailpipe about 8-inches, and fit a perforated inner pipe made out of copper and two fittings.  This just slides down into the tailpipe, held on with a pair of rivets.  I had just enough muffler packing material leftover from doing the trials bike, to fit around the perf pipe.  So I essentially made a very small muffler insert.

muffler insert made from copper pipe

Extended tailpipe houses muffler insert

And then....I couldn't get the bike to run.  It started up, popped and farted a bit, then just wouldn't run.  It fouled the plug immediately after cleaning it.  Then I realized I had mixed up my fuel way too rich.  Normally I use a little 1oz volume Lucero olive oil bottle, full of 10-30 engine oil and marvel mystery oil, mixed into a 32oz jug of fuel.  For some reason I used 2oz of oil, so I had a very oily 16:1 ratio.  I drained the tank, put in proper mixed fuel.  Then I also realized I was running a NGK B8HS plug, which is listed as the coldest plug for this engine.  I had a brand new B6HS available, which is listed as suitable for hot rod versions of this engine, with a bigger carb and exhaust like my bike has.  

So it fired up instantly, and runs great.  And yes, it is quieter.  Not massively so, but quite a bit of the bark has been taken away.

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