29 April, 2012

Homebrew Club Awards

Today was the 2012 Chico Homebrew Club Competition awards party.  We arrived around 1pm, just in time to start sampling some of the 179 beers that were entered.  At 2:30, we got to chow down on some potluck, including everything from tri-tip, to seafood salad, to a lovely potato salad Susan made with beer.  Shortly after, they started announcing the awards.

Long story short, I ended up placing 3rd in the cider category for my Pomegranate Cider (which was a big hit with the ladies at the party)  and a 1st place for my Mulling Cider Mead.  Susan also bought some raffle ticketsm and I came home with a 4# can of extract and a growler jug.  Both items I can use.
Me and the fly, after some grub.
What's that?  Two medals?  Oh yeah...

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sean said...

Awesome, congrats!