22 April, 2012

2012 Chico Home Brew Competition

We just completed two days of beer judging and sipping, as part of the 2012 Chico Home Brew Competition. I volunteered to be Chief Steward, and Susan volunteered to be a steward.  That means we keep our table full of judges full of beers and score sheets, and make sure they don't run out of cups, bread, and water.  We also get to sip every beer our tables are judging, and any other beers from other tables that received high scores.

Because we were shy of judges, we ended up judging Stouts and IPAs yesterdays from 1 to 4.  We had four tables, and it was very low key.  Today we had 14 tables, so it was a bit more hectic for the first few rounds.  Then we eased into a good rhythm, and before we knew it, lunch was being served.  Sierra Nevada put out a great taco bar spread, and opened up the taps.  Then we had a quick tour of the facilities, including a trip to the hop room, where we were given 1 gallon bags to shove whole hops into.  I grabbed just a tad more than a pound of Citra hops, and a little bit of crystal.

A few pics:
Don't be distracted by the gun show

My table, one of two judging IPAs

Susan cleaning and organizing empty bottles.  Just like at home!

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