19 November, 2011

Kawasaki Wiring and Carb Rebuild

I brought the Bushmaster into the nice warm living room today for a bit of wiring work. As usual, I didn't have the original key, and part of the harness was missing. So I ended up re-wiring most of the bike. It was an extremely tight fit, but I got everything to fit inside my little wiring box (peanut can.) We had some Nascar on the TV to entertain us, and my country-mate Andrew Ranger got some air time:

Me running wires:

During my wiring, the mailman dropped off a pair of original 1973 circa carburetor rebuild kits for the Mikuni:

They were a whopping $5.95 each, so I bought a spare. I also received a package from Bike Bandit containing a new 428 chain (bigger than the 420 chains I usually have on hand) and a new NGK B8HS spark plug.

After all this work, I not only had spark at the plug, but I had a rear taillight and headlight that worked. I still need to run the wiring for the charging circuit, and find a place to hide the selenium rectifier, which needs to be grounded to the chassis.


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