05 November, 2011

It Runs!!!! Bridgestone BS-7 Content Inside

I got my NOS piston, ring, and head gasket in the mail this morning from http://www.scramblercycle.com/. So of course I immediately had to get them fitted to the bike. I still wasn't having much luck getting it to start, so I pondered. The carb sits at quite an angle on this bike, so I thought I might need to raise the float level up a little. I ended up going a bit too far, as it leaked out the overflow tube. But at least I knew it had plenty of fuel.

So I gave it a kick:

It fired right up and idle on the choke. After a few seconds it came off the choke and revved clean. Hell yeah! I still need to fiddle with the float level, and then I can run it down the road.

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