17 September, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Front Fender and Side Cover

I got a bit of work done this morning on the Bridgestone. Actually, the front fender has been a multiple day process, as I was having a hard time finding a fender that would work. As it happens, I had a spare Yamaha fender in the spares pile. It was a full fender style, but was heavily mangled. So I chopped it up, then made a mounting bracket for it out of aluminum. It got paint this morning.

Front fender mounted, with a nice little front brake cable guide attached to it:

Speaking of cables, I made up a front brake cable, throttle cable, and a clutch cable from spares. I cut everything to length, then soldered on new end pieces. Everything routes nicely around the new headlight fairing. Oh yeah, I made a headlight fairing! It is a very thin piece of aluminum from a spot light shield. I managed to cut and shape it into something decent looking. It uses a small Honda C100 headlight:

On the other side of the bike, I made up a simple side cover that covers up the battery. It also has a mount for the on/off ignition switch. I currently have it in a lightly polished aluminum. It might look better red. I'm not sure yet:

Another view of the front fender, headlight housing, and side cover:


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