10 September, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7: Exhaust Finished

I got out this morning, before it got hot, and worked on the exhaust. I wrapped it with exhaust wrap, then built a little aluminum heat shield. Nothing too exciting, but i fun to shape the heat shield out of some scrap aluminum sheet.

I also fit a new carburetor Thursday evening, as the original was acting goofy after I cleaned it out. I had a spare 20mm Keihin carb, but it is a bit bigger in overall outside dimensions compared to the stock 15mm that came on the bike. I built a new intake manifold that was just a tick shorter, and angled up about 5-degrees. This allowed the carb body to clear the frame on top, and the engine case on bottom.

I'll likely see if I can kick it over tomorrow morning.


1 comment:

sean said...

That thing is effin' gorgeous! Nice job. I hope it rides as good as it looks.