31 August, 2011

Hacker-Pschorr Original Oktoberfest


5.8% abv

Octoberfest number three in my series, as provided by mamacita-in-law. If the Paulaner was an 8 on the aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel, then this is a 10 on all counts. that doesn't mean it is better, it is just very powerful in scent and flavor. Huge nose, thick meaty mouthfeel, and tons of sweet malt flavor. It really is very good, but it is also "strong" in its Octoberfest flavors. if that makes sense. Almost a bit gritty too, with a real bite to it.

Now that i have a scale, I'll add that the Sam Adams version mentioned below, is a solid 3 or 4. It isn't bad, it is just considerably more bland across the board.


1 comment:

sean said...

"Bland" is the best description for every Sam Adams beer.

These proper German ones you've tasted sound yummers though. Oktoberfest beers are definitely a nice change from a summer-long IPA fest of hoppy hoppiness.