08 April, 2011

Trials Practice

Tomorrow is my first Trials event of the year, and today they had the event site open for practice. it also gave me a chance to walk a few of the sections, and see if I'm up to the task of trying the #3 line this time (as opposed to the #4 line I ran at my first two events.) I'm going to give it a try, and see if I can hack the harder line.

This site is on public property, and is beautiful. Nice sloping hillside to the west of Black Butte Lake, which is west of Orland. Great views overlooking the entire valley. But...there are some hills I'll need to climb in order to get to a few of the sections, and I can tell already my 4.5hp 50cc beast won't have much reserve power should I lose momentum.

Many of the sections are up in the hills to the left of the photo:


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