28 April, 2011

Bridgestone BS-7/D Has Come Home

The little Bridgestone BS-7/D came home yesterday. It has been sitting at work for a few years, pateintly waiting it turn. This will be a nice "simple" restoration. No mods, no building it into a cafe racer. Random photos below, with a few captions on the detail shots:

"Passenger" side front fork housing has been crumpled. This could be a bit of a job to straighten out:

Love the brake and turn light combo housing:

More detail on the smooshed fork housing:

This confirms it is a BS-7/D. "D" standing for Deluxe model:

Every other bike I have just has a harness that connects to itself. This little bike uses a small distribution panel:

Love the fact the terminals are coded:

Tiny little carb:

This motor uses a small fan attached to the end of the crank to cool the cylinder and head:

Intake screen for fan mounted on driver side cover:

Clock shows just over 4,000 miles:

Most bright work is very nice:

This is going to be a nice slow project over the spring and summer.


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