05 November, 2010

Friday Lunch

Whats better than having a bowl of chili for lunch? Riding your trials bike out in the back 40, then having a bowl of chili. Im lucky to have 21 acres of property here at work, bordering a large creek bed. What a great way to test the new suspension out. And it seems to have worked. Much more cushy, and I'm capable of getting up and down much taller obstacles, both natural and manmade (concrete.) I even had a spectator, in the form of a rather large wolf.

We gets lots of critters here at work, including rabbits, owls, and the occasional small bobcat. But this wolf was apparently keeping it real out behind the cobble piles. I just so happen to ride over the coble piles to find myself about 10 feet away from Mr. Wolf. We both just froze, and he slowly walked off. I slowly rode off, then made sure to play out in the more open areas.


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sean said...

Awesome! I wish I could ride at lunch (actually at all -- stupid broken wrist) and I've never seen a wolf, I didn't realize there were any down there. All we get around here are Coyotes and a ton of Cougars (the feline kind).