24 November, 2010

Color me Plaid

After an hour entertaining our quasi nephews (Andrew and Connor) Uncle Chris needed some quality time on the road, so he took Salty out for a short ride. I had installed a 14-tooth front sprocket, in place of the 16-tooth sprocket. I was hoping this would help make second gear a bit more usable at 30mph city speeds. And it did. much better rpm range.

I also played with the low-speed mixture adjustment while I was warming it up. Usually you set this adjustment screw about 1.5 to 2 turns from all the way in. I was at 1.5. I turned it back a full turn and the idle immediately smoothed out, and it took throttle much cleaner at lower rpm. In fact, most of the low-speed stumble pulling away from a dead stop was gone. That tells me I'm running a bit rich, so I'll have to look at some of the mid and higher rpm range adjustments. This isn't a huge surprise, as the carb is much bigger than stock, and is likely jetted for 50% more hp. In fact, this is the same carb I have running on the 140cc motor in Ratty.

So what does Uncle Chris do after a successful ride? Why, he pours himself a mug of homemade Coffee Stout and puts on his finest plaid.



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