30 September, 2010

Upcoming weekend adventures...

Tonight is Friday night for us, as neither Susan or I are going into work tomorrow. Well, I'm working, but it will involve traveling to the West Coast Green Conference in SanFran. A friend from my old job in Oregon had a couple spare floor passes, to we can join the conference for free.

After coming home Saturday, we'll be heading up to Oregon Sunday morning for a funeral of an old friend, Wally Skyrman. I spent a summer working for Wally doing odd jobs one year. He taught me to MIG weld, paint, and a ride a motorcycle. In recent years, I've visited Wally when we would visit Oregon. He's been in poor health for many years, so his passing wasn't a shock, but it is still a real bummer.

We'll be coming home Monday from Oregon, and as "luck" would have it a gentlemen in Ashland listed a pair of Honda C110 parts bike on craigslist for $50. So of course I called him and we will be picking these up on our way up Sunday morning. you don't see C110s every day, and some of the parts on these bikes are rather rare, like the aluminum cylinder head and front fender.

"Salty" is based on a C110, so some of these parts will prove invaluable.

Chris H.

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