05 June, 2016

Freddy Luggage Area Work

I spent some time this weekend installing the rear luggage area side panels. The original vinyl was in decent shape, and cleaned up nicely. But the card stock backing boards were warped, ripped, and all sorts of out of shape, so nothing really fit well.

Long story short I made new backer boards and got everything installed. Working in the luggage area on a Sonett II V4 is a royal pain in the ass, since you have to access the area through the tiny luggage door at the back.

I also picked up some black vinyl and finished off the passenger side A pillar, which for some reason was bare fiberglass.

Overall, the interior is nearly complete. It isn't all new, as many of the vinyl panels and door cards are original. But it passes the "peak through the windows" inspection.

The last piece to make is the rear most luggage area "vent" panel that sits above the luggage door. That will be fun because it will require working in the luggage area again, and I don't have the original piece to work from.

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kath said...

Looks like you're doing a very neat job (of course)!