23 March, 2014

Home Brew - American Pale Lager

I cracked open my first couple bottles of my latest home brew, an American Pale Lager.  I've worked on this recipe a few times, and this version has nailed it.  I really like a strong hop forward aroma and flavor, without much bitterness.  But not too much sweetness on the back end to not be balanced.  

Base of Marris Otter grain, with crystal 20, and a small amount of honey malt.  4.1% abv.  Cascade and Summit hops throughout, starting with 30 minutes to go, then 10, then dry hopped.  So essentially no "bitterness" hops, but with enough added at 30 minutes to bring the IBU up to 25.

Really nice color and super clear hanks to the longish cold conditioning.  Great carbonation and head retention too.  I also used a smidgen of gypsum.

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