28 November, 2013

Bernkastel Wine Tasting and Trier

Another wine tasting tour, this time from Bernkastel.  The first shot shows the typical vineyards int his area, on very steep slopes.  In this case, the vines were planted only 2-feet away, and not connected together with cables.  They just grew up a center post.  All hand harvested.

The wine tasting was phenomenal.  Literally giant cellars filled with thousands of bottles of wines.  Each wine had its own cage, and a sample bottle to pour from.  Unlimited pours, DIY style.  Susan made sprinted to the sweet Riesling cellar, and we spent about 45 minutes in there sampling.  I'm fairly certain I had three full glasses of wine by 10:30am.  It was a good day.  We left with a bottle of our favorite sweet Riesling we will open today, to go with our Turkey.

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