04 August, 2012

Wheels for El Guapo

I needed a wider rear wheel rim for El Guapo, and I found a local selling some on ebay. I ended up purchasing an Aluminum DID 2.15x18 rim, and picking it up from him. He has a little side biz selling parts for 1970s big bore Euro dirt bikes. He commented that the market is big oversees for these bikes. And because of that, he tends not to worry about the smaller parts that a guy like me covets. So by the time I left his place, he told me to take some extra chrome wheel rims, and a pair of shocks for free.

He invited me out afterwork or on a weekend day to grab more parts. He said it would just go to the scrap yard, so anything in that pile over there you can have. There was lots of stuff in that pile.

My bounty:

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