26 July, 2012

El Guapo - Parts Deliveries

Two of several parts deliveries have been made this week for El Guapo. Including...

A pair of front fork boots and an engine gasket set, courtesy of Classic Scooter Parts. I placed the order on Sunday, and they arrived Monday. Fantastic service.

Then today, this awesome package arrived. It looked like something Mr. A would pack up, since it was pieced together from about five pieces of cardboard.

Busting out the big guns to open it:

Hooray! A complete front wheel assembly from a Honda SL125. 21" front diameter wheel, instead of an 18" The chrome wheels is flawless, and the hub is fantastic. The 2.75x21 Bridgestone tire might even prove useable.

I'm hoping to get two more top end engine seals in later this week, then I can see about getting the motor pack together. I might even see about mocking up the frame for some measurements.

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