27 May, 2012

Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

The annual show and swap meet at the Elks Lodge was today. So I set the Indy 500 on record, and rode the beastly Miyata over. I didn't see many swap meet parts I needed, but was part of a few conversations between old timers talking about how rare and valuable an old crusty Honda S90 is. "When was the last time you saw an S90, sonny?" "Um, I've got four of them on the side of my garage." Here are some snaps, with a few captions.

Stunning BSA:

Front forks on the BSA

Hot little Rudge:

How the Ariel Square Four gets its name:

This was one of about a dozen original crusty old bikes:

Landspeed racer, complete with supercharger:

This was one of three bikes with mixed chassis and engines. This was a Greeves and a Triumph:

Love these old school leading link front ends:

Another crossbreed:

Great weather, great bikes, and a lot of old codgers shooting the shit about bikes. My kinda event.

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Anonymous said...

Nice collection! I’m an avid fan of naked bikes, so seeing them in such a pristine condition is breathtaking. For me, despite their stripped down appearance, they still have a complexity that many will notice. And they have been popular for as long as I can remember; that’s history right there!

Katelynn Woodbury