20 March, 2011

New Meats on the Accent

Susan's little daily driver, the 2007 Hyundai Accent we call Tango (Tango Red in color) got its slightly over due 30,000 mile service last weekend, at 38,000 miles. Actually, it was instigated by a Check Engine Light, the first this little car has ever thrown. Since it was due for an oil change, I checked the service manual and discovered it should have had plugs at 30,000 miles. So I changed the oil, filter and plugs, and washed the air filter. The CEL went out after about 15 seconds of running. The old plugs were in fact shot.

In addition to the mini-service, I had been plotting to put some new tires on a second set of wheels I had picked up from steobro Mark several months ago. And with the recent rain, and Susan's heavy right foot, she reported some loss of traction accelerating out of the scrap booking supply store parking lot. So I decided it was time to take action. A set of generic Cooper tires in 195/60-14 size went on the TSW 14x7" race wheels. This should give Susan a bit more grip than the original equipment 175/70-14 Kumhos wrapped around the Miata 14x5.5" wheels we've been running. And despite the increase in wheel/tire width, we only picked up 1# per corner.

New chunky wheels/tires:

Center caps aren't installed yet.


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