29 November, 2009

More Macau

Just a few more snaps from Macau, mostly of random pit action as I sort through photos:

What does a Formula BMW look like underneath?

Expensive step ladder

Crews were very active just before first practice session

Crew pushing the Bufori to the scales. This was a funky little car. Looked like a home built GT using a Toyota 4-cylinder Turbo engine. In a class dominated with Porsche GT3, Lamborghinis, and Ferrari F430s. Alex Yoong (former F1 pilot) was driving.

Even the support races were using full slicks, as shown on this Honda RSX

These guys were checking for leaks, while it was running in gear on jack stands

Everyone was prepared for rain. Luckily the Chinese government sent up 27 "weather rockets" a few days before the event and made it rain to rid mother nature of any moisture the days following

We couldn't resist the American Iron

How many Hong Kongers does it take to work on a Lambo?

Pretty simple method of adjusting the rear wing on the Lada WTCC


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