11 October, 2009

New Wiring for RalphVee

I'm about 99% finished with the new wiring on the FV. I had a couple electrical issues at the last event, including what I think was a fried + wire to the coil, and a bum ignition switch. So with Mr As help, we drew up a wiring schematic last Saturday, and I searched around the valley for the various parts and pieces I needed.

I found a simple junction box and a 8 port terminal strip to help separate all the individual circuits, instead of just running them off the main disconnect or ignition switch. The seven circuits are:

Brake Light
Rain Light/Mister
Wideband Controller/Gauge

New junction box, new push button starter, and new 50amp ignition switch

I also made a new big power wire running from the main disconnect to the + side of the starter. the old one was just short enough to where it had to run too close to the headers. Having it longer means I can run it farther back, before turning it around the back of the car, avoiding the headers altogether.

I took my time over the past couple evenings running new wires, crimping new connectors, and routing everything through the chassis properly. I even bunched wires together and ran them inside some split plastic loom protector sleeves.

All new wiring and looms running to the back of the car

I also took the time to add a circuit for a brake light. I was one of the few cars in the race group without a brake light (being a formula car) so I figured I would add one while I was going through all this effort. I fabbed up a bracket that comes off the brake balance bar and works on a generic brake switch I grabbed from NAPA.

Brake switch and bracket

New brake light mounted up on the roll bar. The light mounted PERFECTLY to the existing two bolts that hold the head rest. Amazing.

Now all I need to do is clean up the giant mess in the garage! Amazing how many tools it takes to do a job like this.


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sean said...

That looks great. Hopefully that'll be the end of your electrical woes!