20 April, 2009

Fv Corner Weight Chart

Just a quick picture of the corner weights on RalphVee. I had gone through a full alignment a couple weeks ago, but never checked the corner weights. I only had to tinker with the right rear height half a turn on the spring perch to get where I wanted, which is just a tick heavy on the left side. I was shooting for a full percent heavy, but this was close enough.

Thunderhill has mostly left hand turns, with 1, 2, 6, and 9 being key points for keeping up momentum. Based on video and data aq, I spent about 18 seconds a lap going through turn 1 and 2 at roughly 75-85 mph. Turn 6 is slower, but it is key since it leads to the longest section of 4th gear acceleration up the hill through 7,8 and into 9. And of course turn 9 is a fast kink leading to a downhill straight into 10, where I actually hit my top speed.

Enough babbling, enjoy the chart.


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