02 March, 2009

It did run..for a while

Well, long story short, the new 1700cc VW engine I built was in Ralphvee and running just fine for a couple weeks. I had about 5 or 6 hours of running time on it, getting the carb jetting sorted, and seating the piston rings. Then it just went eeeeeeeeekkkk. As in, no horrible mechanical sound, it just stopped. As in frozen up stopped, won't turn over by hand.

After pulling it out and putting it on the engine stand, I drained the oil and actually removed the small oil sump extension, to find some small shavings of either bearing or aluminum or both. I think I screwed up the end play setting on the crank and ate the front main bearing. I'll know more once I ever tear into it.

I only had a few days before the first practice event of the year (February 13th,Friday) and I almost got the old 1200cc motor back in the car. Actually, the engine was in the car by Tuesday, but by then I was just done. Done working in the garage, and didn't want to spend the next few nights busting my ass. Also, the weather forecast called for heavy rain on race day.

So after a couple weeks of not working in the garage, I finally got back out this weekend. I got a good deal of the back end pieces back on, and have another hour or two to get it back to track duty status. I'm just taking my time and enjoying it.

Saturday, I got the rear suspension, trans, clutch, headers and all sorts of things bolted back on:

Last night, I fit a new pair of wheel bearings to the right front corner.

I'm considering building new intake manifold end pieces to mount the bigger weber carb to the 1200. Might as well take advatnage of the freshly rebuilt carb, and savor the extra 5-6hp it might give, right? If not, I'll just throw the Solex back on and run it like I ran it last year.

The first race is March 21-22, a two-day race weekend.

Chris H.

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