04 December, 2008

Built Long Block

In the last post, I talked about the dinged up bearings I received. After a few days of phone calls and e-mails, SoCal Imports set me a new set that were in perfect shape. I got them Tuesday, just before the Thanksgiving break. So, I had a pile of parts just itching to be assembled.

Make us one they screamed!

The day after Thanksgiving, Mr A. came over and we started the assembly process. I had spent a little time Thursday clearancing the case, as the longer 74mm stroke pushes the rods just a tick too close to the edge of the case. Luckily, it didn't take much work with the die grinder to make very small notches. We got the crank, lifters, and camshaft installed fairly quickly, and then set about sealing the case using the permatex aviation sealant I picked up at the local NAPA. This stuff stays slightly gooey even when it sets up, and was highly recommended on the VW forums.

Basic internals set in the left case:

Installing clips in the pistons, getting ready to install the barrels into the case

Barrels installed, deck height set at 0.060" for a 8.2:1 compression ratio based on the 50cc combustion chamber volume

Basic long block assembled, minus rocker arms and accessory items

Rocker shafts installed and valve clearances set, with freshly installed fuel pump, generator stand, and oil pump

Almost ready to go back in the FV. Perhaps this weekends, assuming I dont spend the weekend watching movies.


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